Bisbee at the time of Arizona Statehood (Part I)

Above is a photo of the Lowell district of Bisbee, Arizona Territory, in 1910. At the center right a few structures mark the location of the Warren District of Bisbee; Bisbee City–as the main section of town was often referred to at that time–was to the northwest of the bustling Lowell District. Total population of Bisbee/Lowell/Warren was 9,010. Just two years after this photo was taken (February 14, 1912) Arizona Territory would become a state (yes, the Valentine State). Bisbee was the third largest city in Arizona by population, just a few souls short of the number counted in Tucson (13,103); Phoenix (11,134) and a few more than in nearby Douglas (8,437), Globe (7,083), or Prescott (5,092).

When the 1910 US Census was published, Cochise County (34,591) had the highest counted population of any county in Arizona Territory, narrowly nipping Maricopa (34,488) and significantly besting Pima (22,818), Graham (22,999), Gila (16,348) and Yavapai (15,998). All those numbers were quickly changing as Phoenix and Tucson continued to attract new residents at a significant pace while the mining areas, mostly quite rural, saw a decrease in population growth during the decades ahead.

During upcoming weeks, will feature a series of historical perspectives examining Arizona statehood and the part Bisbee played as New Mexico and Arizona became states, making 48 stars on the flag. Figures on population are taken directly from the 1910 US Census (Arizona), click to access the file and read it yourself. It’s rather large, more than 5MB, but is quite fascinating for those of us who are intrigued by history.

Image below is of the 48 star flag (from the US Office of War Information)

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