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Calumet and Arizona Guest House
Copper City Inn
Inn at Castle Rock
Shady Dell Vintage Trailers
Letson Loft Hotel (B&B)
Jonquil Motel
Gardens at Mile High Ranch
Gym Club Suites, Bisbee, AZ
Hotel San Ramon, Bisbee, AZ




Bed and Breakfasts

Bisbee has several well-established bed and breakfast lodging facilities, any of which may provide more personal treatment than one might experience at at hotel or motel. Breakfast--an integral part of the B&B's definition--varies from a full menu with a range of options to a fresh buffet ready first thing in the morning. has a list of Bisbee B&Bs complete with a description of just what amenities guests can expect along with important considerations such as age restrictions for children and whether or not Fido is acceptable as part of the family visit. Want to smoke a cigarette or cigar? Not in the room, of course, but some B&Bs have a smoking area outside. Also, we provide a calendar with dates blocked out to indicate when no rooms are available. Each B&B listing is linked to a web page to facilitate contact or making reservations. Click here to take a look...or use the link in the column to your right.


Hotels and Motels

Bisbee is home to fourteen hotels and motels...but like almost everything in our little town, they're each unique. You won't be staying at a "cookie-cutter" facility when you book your room here. Bisbee's hotels and motels have personality, both in architectural style and in furnishings. Just take a look at the images in the column to your right to get an idea of what you can choose from, to include everything from century old establishments to 1940s and '50s trailers. Check out the websites for each of the facilities using our hotel & motel calendar.


Unique Lodging

Increasingly popular with vacationers who want something "a bit out of the ordinary," unique lodging facilities are, well, out of the ordinary. Guests can treat themselves to a weekend, a week or even longer staying in a fully furnished home, often complete with dishes, silverware and a couple of wine glasses waiting to be filled with your favorite vintage. Some of out listings are "furnished apartments," usually in the downtown area. Most are houses, often owned by people who spend part of their year in living in Bisbee and the remainder of their time "back in the real world." We've compiled a calendar of "unique lodging facilities"that cover the gamut of Bisbee's colorful lifestyle, including web links (where available) and a contact number where you can obtain more information. We'll do our best to keep the calendar updated--usually on a daily basis--so you can tell at a glance whether a rental has already been booked (or not).

We do recommend planning further ahead if you're thinking of a dream vacation at one of these homes as once they're rented...that's it. A call a month or two ahead of time is often the best solution.


Lodging Reviews

We've reviewed two Bisbee lodging establishments, the Calumet & Arizona Guest House bed and breakfast and Above & Beyond Rentals vacation house/studio.


Calendars and Lists

As you read above, we have availability calendars for three categories: bed & breakfast, hotel/motel, and unique lodging. Here you can check which facilities have space available during the upcoming two weeks plus four "special dates" a few weeks in the future. Each calendar has addresses, phone numbers and, where available, links to the website for each establishment. But there's more. The maps pages are handy for finding streets if you're not familiar with Bisbee and, of course, you can check our restaurant list to get ideas about what choices you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with, of course, hours/phone number/address. There's also a directory of churches with hours of worship provided. There's a walking tour guide to acquaint you with downtown Bisbee and an events calendar, too.


Websites for pictured Lodging (Beginning with the top image, right column):


Calumet and Arizona Guest House (B&B)

Copper City Inn (B&B)

Inn at Castle Rock (Hotel)

Shady Dell Vintage Trailers (Motel)

Letson Loft Hotel (B&B)

Jonquil Motel (Motel)

Gardens at Mile High Ranch (B&B)

Gym Club Suites (Hotel)

Hotel San Ramon (Hotel)


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