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Mule Pass Tunnel, Bisbee, AZ
Gulch Art, Bisbee, AZ
Staircase 5, Bisbee 1000 Stairclimb (Looking down from High Road)
Bisbee Art Walk
Peace Wall




Bisbee looking south toward the pitBisbee: A unique potpourri of art, history, relaxation and fun. Whether you seek galleries, museums, delightful dining experiences, entertainment (several of our local establishments feature live music, especially on the weekends), hiking, walking or merely a reprieve from city stress, we think you'll enjoy Bisbee.

You know about Bisbee. You've read articles about the town and its history. Maybe you've whiled away a morning strolling around downtown, stopping by a few of the shops and galleries and likely you treated your family to lunch in one of our delightful little restaurants.

Now, it's time for more. You want to rise in the morning to be greeted by clean air, brisk temperatures (well, as brisk as you'll find in the southern half of Arizona during the summer months) and maybe treat yourself and the family to a quiet stroll when the streets and stairs are all yours, far from the madding noise of traffic.

Big question: are you going to book a room in a hotel or motel? Possibly you would prefer staying in a bed and breakfast...or maybe you'd like to rent a fully furnished home for a few nights, a place with private parking and a yard where Fido and the kids can play?'s on-line lists (access the links in column to your right) provide information for commercial b&bs, hotels and motels and unique lodging facilities in Bisbee with hotlinks to the websites (if available) and an information block that provides address, phone number and other important details.

Our index of Bisbee restaurants provides daily opening/closing times plus hotlinks to the establishment's website (if available). You might be interested in The Churches of Bisbee with addresses, phone numbers and worship times for each of Bisbee's 18 churches.

Whether you intend spending a day, a weekend or even a week or two walking the hills, bicycling, visiting art galleries...or just getting away from the "real world," Bisbee offers a welcome change. Our mile high elevation contributes to temperatures averaging about ten degrees cooler than Tucson and fifteen less than Phoenix (we're relying on the dry adiabatic lapse rate for calculations). Population is slightly more than five thousand, so you'll be treated to clean air, little or no traffic, and a relaxed style of life reminiscent of years gone by. There's a golf course in nearby Naco, Arizona, mountain trails for hikers, and plenty of attractions in town or just a few miles away.

Click here to access PDF files for maps of Old Bisbee, Warren, San Jose/Don Luis and an Index of streets. Each page can be printed on standard 8.5" x 11" paper. Also, we have a PDF map of the City of Bisbee complete with index that prints on one 11" x 17" sheet (a large format printer can handle this size paper). We have also included a Cochise County Map courtesy of the Cochise County Tourism Council. Of course you can always check out the many still photos (most are linked to an enlargement) on, too. 

While you're spending a few days in Southeast Arizona you might want to visit the Chiracahua National Monument, about a sixty minute drive from Bisbee. The stay can be as simple as a stop at the visitor's center and a cruise up the paved highway to Massai Point or as strenuous as a hike along any of the 17 miles of trails. Click here to check it out. We've included a map, just in case your GPS isn't working.

During your vacation in Bisbee, you might want to do some exploring Cochise County by car. Daytrips with destinations only an hour or two distant can make your stay even more memorable. Bisbee serves as a convenient hub for such explorations, being located 25 miles from Tombstone, 25 miles from Douglas guessed it...25 miles from Sierra Vista. After a hearty breakfast, you're ready to go, maybe later in the day put in a hour or two on the trails, add somephotography, then return to Bisbee for a big dinner and possibly local entertainment afterward.

Fort Bowie, a National Historic Site maintained by the US Park Serivce, is about an hour and a half drive from Bisbee followed by a mile and a half walk on a well-maintained trail to reach the remnants of the old fort (yes, that's 3 miles total if you plan on returning to your car for the drive back to Bisbee). Fifteen miles east of Douglas is Texas John Slaughter's San Bernardino Ranch, a National Historic Landmark and museum that displays life in Arizona Territory much as it more thanacentury in the past. That's vew looking south from outside the Slaughter ranch house (facing the barn and corral) in the image to your left. We also think you'll enjoy a walkabout at Murray Springs National Historic Landmark, a paleo-indian site just twenty miles west of Bisbee on the way to Sierra Vista.


Our first review was of the Calumet & Arizona Guest House in Bisbee's Warren district. Our second review features the Bisbee 1000 the Great Bisbee Stairclimb. Next is Above & Beyond Rentals, a cute pair of vacation properties in Old Bisbee and third in the series is The Sleepy Dog Guest House, a delightful artist's retreat perched high above Brewery Gulch on Opera Drive.

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